The first issue of the New Haven Review came out in August 2007. It was founded to resuscitate the art of the book review and draw attention to Greater New Haven-area writers. It was called The New Haven Review of Books then, which was too wordy, but at the time, we weren't sure we would ever print another issue, so what did we care? The New Haven Review aims always to run exceptional book reviews. It also aims to have some content about Greater New Haven or written by contributors from Greater New Haven. But we mainly aim to publish good writing; the essays, reviews, fiction, poetry, and art that we publish can originate anywhere. We publish in print and on the web. Our print edition comes out twice a year or so. Our website will have new content as often as we can swing it.

The New Haven Review is put together by an editorial collective currently composed (in alphabetical order) of Amanda Bloom, Donald Brown, Nichole Gleisner, Carrie Nolte, and Brian Slattery. Our publisher is Nichole Gleisner. We draw no salaries; all subscription dues and donations go directly to defraying production costs. The New Haven Review is a program of the Institute Library in downtown New Haven. Our print edition and website were both designed by Nicholas Rock.