White Readers Meet Black Authors

I was delighted to come across the utterly appropriately titled blog , "your official invitation into the African American section of the bookstore," maintained by novelist Carleen Brice. There is little I can say about this blog that Brice hasn't said already, from the she has on the blog itself to the for the Washington Post. When she started the blog, as a publicity stunt, and it is that. But Brice is also getting at something very real about the book market; just read the blog and see if you don't agree with her. But more importantly, read the blog for the books she champions. Thanks to White Readers Meet Black Authors, I've been devouring Victor LaValle's , and his latest book, the very well-reviewed , just might be next. I bought both at the same time at , and the woman behind the cash register smiled.

"Going on a LaValle bender?" she said.

"It looks that way," I said.

She nodded. "You won't be disappointed." I believe her.