Steven Stoll

Review Hiatus; Summer Book Group This Wednesday

The New Haven Review's August hiatus from reviews begins this week as we line up website reviews for the fall and edit Issue 3 of the print edition, which will appear in November. (Yes, we hope to throw another party. We can't help ourselves.) We would also like to remind New Haven-area readers that our final meeting at is this Wednesday at 6 p.m.; New Haven Review contributor Steven Stoll will discuss David Harvey's . For those unfamiliar with the term, neoliberalism is the catchall phrase for the dominant economic ideology of our time — liberalized capitalism — and the various political and social policies associated with it that have changed the world in profound ways. As the ideology is championed, reviled, elided, and misunderstood in nearly equal measure, a discussion of neoliberalism should be about as lively as discussions get. As always, Labyrinth provides the wine and cheese. See you there!

is an editor of the New Haven Review.