Issue 010

In Issue 10, Jeff VanderMeer is pulling your leg, the one you think you have. Toby Jensen Perkins tells a short story that begs for forgiveness. Elizabeth T. Gray Jr. writes poetry at home in the world, even Afghanistan. Stephen Burt knows what’s between his legs, but it’s not that simple. Nick Mamatas finds the downside of rapid transit. Willard Spiegelman reads the read of an older man. Frank Bill: man at work. Matt Salyer puts Red Bull in one of his two poems. Randall Horton calls the Amistad by another name. James Charbonneau can make an actuary interesting. Brian Cordell takes the leap. Suzanne Richardson is desperately seeking Meredith. Greg Santos holds her close. Wende Crow pays attention. Tarpley Hitt, Samantha Ostrowski, and Willow Maya Giannotti-Garlinghouse are the champions of the world.