The New Haven Review was founded to be a venue for writers associated with the Greater New Haven area and to resuscitate the art of the book review. But mostly, we're interested in publishing good writing, by which we mean writing we like and want to see more of in this world. We like to see submissions from writers who can claim some connection to Greater New Haven, no matter how spurious, though it's not mandatory. We also like to see book reviews that are better than the book reviews you usually see out there, for whatever reason. But that said, we mostly publish essays, fiction (of any genre), poetry, and occasionally photojournalism. You might be able to convince us to publish something other than any of these things, if we think it's really, really good. So write to us and tell us what you've got.

Nonfiction and Fiction

Our nonfiction and fiction editors' collective taste is maddeningly vague; we just know what we like. We've published some things that we think are just terrific examples of the tried-and-true ways of writing as we understand that term, here in the adolescence of the twenty-first century. We've also published some things that have a lot of fun with form, conventions, and genre, potentially at the expense of losing a few people, but hopefully to the great delight of others. We've published some things because reading them was like drinking a warm cup of cocoa. We've published other things because reading them was like swallowing a boxful of tacks, or perhaps binging on chocolate-covered garlic. Although we are extremely unlikely to publish your novel-length manuscript, there are no strict guidelines for length. So far, our shorter pieces tend to run to about 1,200 words; longer pieces run several thousand.

We use Submittable to handle nonfiction and fiction. Usually the next sentence would read “If you're interested in submitting, please click here.” Right now, however, submissions are closed as we work through our backlog and ready our next issue. We’ll reopen submissions as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. Also, please do not write anyone at the Institute Library regarding New Haven Review stuff. We are an arm of their organization but their staff and our staff do not overlap. Thanks!

When submitting nonfiction, it is an excellent idea to briefly make a pitch as a cover letter. When submitting fiction, we don't really care about the cover letter, so do whatever you want with that. Entertaining cover letters are fun. Our response time, due to us being a tiny volunteer staff with day jobs and families and hopes and dreams and the like, may range from a few weeks to what will feel like, or may in fact be, several months. We come out twice a year, and the truth is that we sort of have reading periods for each issue, but as they tend to change as our schedules allow, it's not informative to tell you when they are, and besides, we want you to be able to submit when the mood strikes you, and not according to our own crazy lives. However, if you think you might have fallen through the cracks, please submit again. We won't hold it against you.


Our poetry editors have keen eyes and discerning taste, so send your best work. We want poems that take us somewhere, poems that keep us awake for the entire ride, poems that pay close attention to how we got there. We'll also consider translations of poems in other languages (space, font, and layout skills permitting, we'd run the original and the English translation side by side). Submit 4-6 poems by clicking here. Be sure to include contact information on every page of your file. You'll hear from us in two to four months.

Payment, Etcetera

We pay at least $500 for prose pieces, fiction or nonfiction. We pay at least $25 per poem, and are often amenable to publishing more than one of an author's poems. Each contributor also gets a couple issues of the journal in which they appear. Our print edition is sleek and handsome, but all of its content appears on this website in electronic form as well, for free, because that's the way people do it in this day and age.

For nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and whatever else we might consider, simultaneous submissions are totally fine. Just tell us if you've placed the piece elsewhere, and we'll congratulate you and consider it our loss. Finally, please believe us when we say that we don't care about your credentials. If you are an established writer, then we're grateful for your interest and your contribution. If you're not, that is no strike against you whatsoever. We just care that the piece is really, really good. So write to us, one and all, and let us know what you have in mind. And thanks for visiting.