New Haven Review Summer Vacation

In deference to Independence Day, the New Haven Review has taken this Monday off. It will also take off the Mondays in August, as we know that nearly everyone — well, everyone in publishing, anyway — goes on vacation; and even if they don't, nobody wants to be inside, hunched over a computer, when they could be outside, on the beach, drinking a gin-and-tonic from what is ostensibly a water bottle while three children nearby bury their father up to his neck in the sand. But we will be back next week with more reviews and will resume again, full throttle, in September. Meanwhile, Issue 3 of the New Haven Review, due out in the fall, is shaping up to be a doozy. We have an essay from Jim Knipfel, a piece from Willard Spiegelman (editor of the Southwest Review), an excerpt from Jess Row's new novel, an interview with David Orr, and numerous other essays, poetry, and fiction from people you may not have heard of yet, but will soon. Stay tuned.