Issue 008

In Issue 8, Amy Hempel (in a classic story, reprinted) reads the heart of a lonely daughter. Jim Shepard reads the heart of Hempel’s fiction. Ravi Shankar and Lena Kallergi go palm reading. Kevin Frazier speaks of why the electrocuted entertain us so. Maya Pindyck puts us through an inquisition, then lies down on the grass. Are you dead? Then does Rachel Swirsky have an offer for you. Brian Cochran migrates, meditates. Michael Milburn did not attend his Harvard reunion, except in his mind. Nancy Kuhl has meteorological terror. Credit counseling, and writing, saved Amy Weldon. Cameron Gearen bids goodbye. Sarah Goffman writes of a man unafraid of the dark. Richard Deming summers with Rilke. John Sousa relates to, but is not related to, that other one. Poetry lives in New Haven, prove Dennis Wilson, John Cubeta Zibluk, and Gabriella Brand.