Issue 012

In Issue 12, Andrew Battershill is hungry in class. Jason Heller comes back from Dead Man’s Curve. Judith Chalmer is smitten. Adrienne Martini fixes an outboard motor with a knitting needle. Emily Schulten contemplates ruination.Alexandra Ghaly rows out to sea. Suad Ali tells secrets. Mikko Harvey reminds us that they made gunpowder to launch fireworks first. Barry Jay Kaplan waits a long time to pull a fast one. Caroline Gambell melts snow. Emma Schaeffer is between needles and pennies. Bidisha Banerjee looks through warped glass with Rebecca Solnit. F. Brett Cox goes for a ride. Christina Seymour has a splinter. Craig Parmelee Carter digs for clams. Noah Charney has a proposition for you. Henry Jacob, Maggie Guarino-Trier, and Joanne Paone-Gill emerge victorious.