Issue 009

In Issue 9, Stephen Burt tells us about the band you should have played at nerd camp. Nick Antosca tells a fable about how dog ownership can go wrong. Joy Ladin celebrates her birthday at the bookstore—and does more with poems. Lisa Dickler Awano interviews Alice Munro (need we say more?). Alice Munro allows us to reprint her classic short story, “Wood.” James Berger wonders how Conrad can become opera. James May on Coleridge and love, in poems. David W. Goldman allows us to choose our own adventure (remember?). Megan Cowen offers poetry from when she was six days old, and poetry from yesterday. Donald Brown rescues James Joyce. Chelsea Rathburn tells us how to cope, or writes poetry trying. Andrew Madigan tells us where the body is buried. Mekeel McBride shoots a trey, and scores. E. Powell head-shrinks us—or is “psychoanalyzes” the preferred term? Rachael Scarborough King recounts and reconnoiters with the TV recaps. W. Travis Helms sends us off on a reverie.